Johnny Osaki
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Pages: 402

Most "extensive" book available on all-time greats-all the Facts & Stats you need to know in just one book. Latest talked about triple-double stats of Oscar, Wilt, Baylor, and Kareem. Sample the first 3 chapters: Latest and most extensive book available! This all-in-one revised edition book of basketball is a great statistical and factual reference with outstanding player descriptions, analysis and skill sets (In the "Kindle edition" the online preview for the chapter title's do not appear aligned until compressed and viewed on your Kindle device). To begin (If you are a big-time basketball fan and like objective-facts and numbers, this resource is like a mini encyclopedia in the palm of your hands), after you read the description and the first few pages on Amazon's preview (Look Inside!), make sure to click Surprise me! - to get a true glimpse of what this book is all about - better ...
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