Michael A. Walton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 135

The battle to hold back the mystery virus that turned pandemic in 48 hours was long lost. The tainted roamed freely across most of the planet, strongholds where the remaining pure gathered were like tiny islands in treacherous seas of misery.Ex-SAS man Craig Anderson was responsible for the security at Fort London, a fort that was on a collision course with Fort Warwick to the North ruled by Karl Bruger a onetime drugs baron. A tentative peace ruled as they traded food for fuel but all that would come to end when a child appeared who was resilient to the virus. Both forts wanted her for different reasons, both would go to any lengths for the blood that ran through her veins. A clash was inevitable as many other smaller strongholds became embroiled, sucked into the vortex of the battle of the forts that would end with one taking the prize of the child beheld as if she were the Holy Grail.
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