Kit Walter Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 99

This happy story opens with a couple in their forties marrying on New Year’s Eve, 2001 in New York City. Bob Fairholm and Janey Spring are very much in love and waited so long to find each other. In an instant, it is gone.The book is divided into the notable parts of one momentous year in Janey’s life. The reader knows Janey’s thoughts and feels her emotions as she embarks on the journey of her life. The beginning is this wedding and next she is driving across the country with her brother. The last part is her opening a floral shop in Sacramento. Janey dreams of her flower store and is sincere in her intentions of providing people with a way to show and give their love through flowers. She listens to her customers with empathy and her shop is a neighborhood success. She meets and falls in love with a widower, Alan Kentfield, the Governor of California. The details of the novel are ...
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