Drew Avera
Publisher: AREVA Publishing
Pages: 116

2103: The Fall of America Series is a dystopian series set in a future, war-torn America where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a thing of the past. Where will people find hope when America falls? A post apocalyptic series about every red-blooded American's greatest fear; find out what happens in this first installment of The Fall of America Series. Act II is coming soon!It's the year 2103. Fifty-three years after the second American Civil War the landscape of a once great nation is in shambles. The United States in no more and is now broken into three separate countries; The American Union, The Confederate States of America, and the California Republic. The American Union is in a constant state of Martial Law due to rioting by a group of protestors known as “Outliers”. They fight against the oppressive laws decreed by President Caleb Fulton, but all is not what it ...
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