Emmet Fox
Publisher: New Albany
Pages: 188

This collection of lectures and essays, spanning over a decade, presents a solid foundation of Emmet Fox's ideas and their evolution. From biblical exegeses to the Christian-informed view of American exceptionalism, Fox remains focused on his primary tenets, those of the healing Christ and daily Christian living. The New York Times, describing Dr. Fox’s work, says, “The substance of Dr. Fox’s purpose is to show that everyone has troubles, ill health and all the rest of it, but that down the ages certain people have attained mastery over these misfortunes and through their own efforts have been able to lead lives of unbroken happiness.”Included in this collection: The Golden Key (1931) The Wonder Child (1932) The Good Shepherd: A Meditation on Psalm 23 (1932) Secret Place: A Spiritual Key to the 91st Psalm (1932) Getting Results by Prayer (1933) The Great Adventure (1933) ...
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