Sylvia McDaniel
ASIN: B00J477QG6
Publisher: Virtual Bookseller
Pages: 633

Three Funny Contemporary Romantic Comedies All Together in A Boxed Set My Sister’s Boyfriend The trouble with identical twins…He's back. The one guy she never wanted to see again. Her high school indiscretion, Brent Moulton, has returned to Tyler, Texas. Only Jennifer Riley knows the truth about that night so long ago when she switched places with her twin sister, Julie, and gave her virginity along with her heart, to her sister's boyfriend in the backseat of his father's Mustang. …they look alike.Fifteen years later, life has thrown them back together. Will Brent realize he slept with the wrong twin? Will he overcome his commitment issues and realize that Jennifer just might be the right twin for him. The Wanted BrideSometimes in order to find yourself, you must become someone else!She’s a Runaway BrideValerie Burrows is running from a wedding, her attorney fiancé and the ...
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