Lynn R Davis
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 86

A bestselling Christian book on daealing with emotions in a Godly way. From anxiety and depression to anger and rejection, Deliver Me From Negative Emotions will changet your perspective and give you new hope. Don't let life drive you crazy. Your spiritual mind can overcome any mood. Find emotional peace in the midst of the craziest times. Many of us are stressed out. We're bending over backwards, catering to dysfunctional relationships, navigating life's challenges. If we want emotional peace and well-being we have to set boundaries. We have to learn to put our emotional health first. And that begins with understanding whats pushing our buttons and how to control those triggers so that we don't allow people or circumstances to control and destroy our peace. (14,000 Words)Negative self-talk factors greatly into your emotional health. For many of us what we say to ourselves when we are ...
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