Matthew J. Hellscream
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 370

Metro 7 is a relentless scifi action-horror novel that takes hold from the first page and doesn't let go until the last."…best described as Matthew Reilly meets Alien turned up to 11" - Brad Mengel - Brad's Pulpy BlogAs the crew of the Icarus travel through unfriendly space with a war criminal in their cargo hold, they detect a distress signal coming from a human ship. The ship is the Metropolis 7, a long vacationer on a ten-year cruise around the galaxy with one hundred thousand passengers and crew on board. The ship is as silent as a crypt."It was horrible and wonderful, gruesome and riveting. Parts of it made me physically recoil. I loved it." - Rachel LloydCaptain Goldwing leads a mission aboard the Metropolis Seven while the remaining crew members of the Icarus play babysitter with a psychotic madman who will stop at nothing to reclaim his freedom.“Sci Fi Fans Rejoice. This ...
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