Rebecca Pele
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 54

*****A bonus inside!!!*****"I had been sent to photograph a ceremony on an army base…THE CHIEF OF STAFF was inspecting rows of soldiers... I decided that a close-up showing him walking in front of the polished saluting soldiers is the 'perfect photo’. Twenty feet away from him, my camera went 'click’... but then, when it was time to make my escape the unexpected happened..."Here is a quote from Touching where it hurts"...The massage I would pass on her would be the treatment's heart and soul .I searched my mind looking of every bit of information... and recalled the powerful verse:"our bodies tell us what our psyches feel"… every time I touch a patient I reexperience the psychic interaction" This interesting and special book introduces four stories: Each one has its subject, energy, and creative message. Although the events described are of a serious nature, there are twists; ...
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