Mark Powell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 186

Love Your Body!There are many secrets to lifelong weight management and health, but here's the biggest one: If you're healthy and your body is well, it will naturally return to proper, most shapely and beautiful form. Your body will find its shape again if you give it what it really needs, even if you also give it some of the not-so-good stuff every now and then.And perhaps just as important is that your mindset really does matter. In truth, self-compassion is probably the number one thing missing from our "diet plans." If you continue to beat yourself up, both physically with crazy diets and exercise routines and mentally with self-limiting beliefs and judgments, it will only cause stress in all areas of your life, negatively affecting how much extra weight you carry in a direct and visceral way.With this book, our intention is clear: to provide you with a fresh set of ideas ...
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