Cindy Stark
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 194

ASPEN SERIES BOOKS CAN ALL BE READ AS STAND-ALONE TITLES.Jenna Staker has spent years trying to live down her wild youth that almost cost her father his life. She's run from trouble since then, but a girl can't run forever. When Sebastian walks in and pins her with his startling blue eyes, she fears she's met a man she can't deny. He makes a play for her father's oil wells and puts her in a precarious position between the two of them. If she lets him in, she'll face her father's wrath and leave her heart vulnerable to a man who's bound to abandon her when the job is done.Big-city corporate shark, Sebastian Black is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Jenna and her father's business to boot. He's tired of waking up to concrete and constant noise. Settling down with Jenna in her quaint little town sounds perfect to him. Unfortunately, her dad won't sell, and she refuses to trust ...
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