Luis de Agustin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 394

The most irresistible yet deadly creature in New York risks everything when love he cannot have becomes his obsession.Book I of the Yulen series offers a psychological suspense mystery with paranormal elements that delves into its anti-hero’s emotional turmoil and physical uniqueness. Owen Odem is the most gorgeous creature in New York City, and the most cursed. By day, the supreme salesman mints commissions using an exceptional gift. By night in his one room ghetto tenement, chilling memories besiege his happiness.After an assaulted politically connected city visitor mysteriously disappears, Detective Gail Honeycutt—NYPD’s most ambitious and voted hottest five years running—gets the case expected to ignite her career. But then she meets the alluring Owen Odem, and her mad desire for him only enflames the uncontrollable envy of her bad-boy former lover. Powerful and corrupt ...
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