Ryan Jenkins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 78

Witness the Effect that Spies Had on the Outcome of WWIISpies, in one way or another, have been a large part of business, sports, and more for generations. It makes sense that the art of war would have an important place for spies as well, and World War II certainly fit that bill. Pick up your copy today to learn how the espionage of these men and women helped to direct the tide of the war, for better or for worse.Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn* The origins of spies used for war* Mata Hari* Codename “Ramsay”* Englandspiel (The English Game)* Garbo* and much much moreDOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAYComments From Other Readers“It takes a special brand of person to be able to carry out covert operations like spying. Clearly, it is not an easy task, and this book both tells the stories of the spies of World War II and pays tribute to their bravery and coolness under pressure. I hope ...
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