Jon Symons
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DISCOVER:: How to Make Real Change, Without Struggling to Quiet Your Mind.Traditional meditation can be like trying to change the direction of a speeding train... a lot of effort for little result.Even if you like spending hours meditating, we, as empowered human BEINGS, have the capacity to make quantum shifts. Not every change needs to be based on hard work and struggle.LEARN: There's Power Within You that Doesn't Require Hours of Sitting in Silence to HarnessImagine a new feeling towards stress and pressure. You have discovered a surprising power inside.Now imagine a stress that’s in your life right now; maybe it’s at work, or to do with a relationship, or something you are facing with your health.What if you had access to a wonderful meditation technique; a method of shifting your feelings away from fear or discomfort and into gratitude and excitement. How incredible would your ...
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