Russell Moran
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Pages: 189

The Thanksgiving GangThe Sequel to The Gray ShipA time travel and alternate history thriller of terrorism, love, and courage.Excerpt from Chapter OneIt happened again. I didn’t see it coming. I never do.My name is Jack Thurber, and I’m a time traveler, not a title I thought I’d aspire to, but having done it three times before, I guess it’s who I am.I slipped through wormholes before, once travelling back to the 1920s, once to Pearl Harbor in 1941 while it was being attacked, and once to the Civil War. This is getting old.But this time it’s different. I’ve tripped into the future, two years to be exact. Moments ago it was 9 AM on July 1, 2015. Now, according to a news ticker on a building, it’s July 1, 2017. I had been walking through an abandoned lot on the East Side of Manhattan doing research for a magazine article for the Washington Times on underutilized real estate ...
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