Daniel Webster
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Pages: 240

The Great War War of California has started. It has officially begun.We thought there have been water wars before in California, but none like the one which just kicked off. Oh, sure, there was that little Owens Valley fiasco, from which Hollywood made its ditty Chinatown.None compare to what is beginning, right now, right here, in our small-town of Scott Valley.We are the hidden, unknown jewel of the State of California, sitting right at the top. We possess the brilliant bijou at the tip of the state. We would alter the California water disaster currently toppling entire businesses and industries in this current devastating drought.We must have a solution and we must have it now.We hold the solution. Our water in Scott Valley and Shasta Valley is the ultimate answer.One slight problem, our water is flowing the wrong direction and the rednecks up here in the State of Jefferson won’t ...
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