Jackie Morey
Publisher: Customer Strategy Academy
Pages: 107

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Customer Service#1 Amazon Bestseller in Professional Development#1 Amazon Bestseller in Education#1 Amazon Hot New ReleasesDon't let your Competitors beat you to this book...go get your copy NOW!Who Is This For?If you are in business as an Entrepreneur, Legal, Financial, or Accounting Professional, a small to medium business Owner, a Manager, Supervisor or someone who interacts directly with customers AND…• You’re tired of losing valuable clients, and have had enough of customers leaving your company or practice• You’ve had enough of the gut-wrenching stress and dejection every time customers post negative online reviews• You want to halt the trend of finding out that your angry or merely satisfied customers are flocking to your competitors• You want to stop your online reputation from further being damaged • You’d like to significantly boost ...
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5 stars from 13 ratings
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