Doug Rinaldi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 76

Homicide detective, Cindy Norton, knows all too well the evil that people can do. Yet, nothing could have prepared her for the city's newest scourge--the serial killer known as The Heterochromia Killer. Aided by unlikely allies from a place not unlike her own, time is running out as the killer sets his sights on her. With her insomnia the only thing keeping her alive, soon she will have no choice but to sleep and finally face her enemy on his sacred ground. "Doug Rinaldi writes the kind of horror I like to read - literate and intelligent with enough scares to satiate die-hard horror fans like myself. Indeed, some parts of this spooky 16K+ story are quite poetic, showing Mr Rinaldi's flair for language and his command of the written word. All in all - a great ghost story, written by a writer to watch (and read!). I look forward to reading his next work. A solid 4.5 stars." --William ...
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