Meredith McDow
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 38

Baby Sleep Solutions for Exhausted Parents”All you want is to get a good night’s sleep and this book has some great solutions for pretty much every situation I've seen. I highly recommend it.” - JeffreyYou’re exhausted. You haven’t slept in what feels like years. Your new baby is crying….constantly.Your husband just backed over the mailbox on the way to work because he’s so weary from lack of rest.You’ve tried “everything” and nothing is working. Does this sound like you? Are you so tired you don’t know whether you’re coming or going? You love your new baby, but why won’t she sleep at least a few continuous hours at night? Even napping in the afternoon is a fitful challenge. Rest assured, there is a way. There is help. Baby Sleep Solutions for Exhausted Parents will help you get your child to nap AND sleep through the night using practical and proven ...
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