Gwen Chermack
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 218

Liz Durant, homeless and hopeless in a strange city, finds herself face to face with a cop and his friend who want to give her a chance to get on her feet again. Can she get beyond her past and allow them to be tools of restoration in her life?Can God actually care about her?Can He be reaching out to her through these wonderful people?Is she really open to His restoration in her life?Believing that God has forsaken her, Liz runs away from her hurt and ends up living on the street. In a case of mistaken identity, she finds herself being helped by two Christian men. Making her way back into society and working in the last place she thought - a church - Liz begins to discover God's love.This tale is a love story - not of just a man and a woman, but of allowing yourself to fall in love with your Creator and recognizing His unwavering love.
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