Susan Hunter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 340

Something isn’t right at a residential school for troubled teens. When small-town reporter Leah Nash investigates, she discovers just how wrong things are. Unfortunately, the nun who tipped Leah to the story dies before Leah can follow up. Is it an odd coincidence, or is the nun’s death linked to the mysterious accident that killed Leah’s younger sister, a student at the school, five years earlier? No one else in town—not her publisher, not her police lieutenant best friend, not even her own mother—believes that Leah is on to anything major. She proves them wrong with a vengeance and uncovers a murder scandal that topples some of the town’s most important citizens.Equal parts smart and smartass, Leah has the moxie to get herself into—and out of—some dangerous situations as she follows the twists and turns in this part cozy, part noir, and all engaging small-town mystery ...
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