J. Anthony Corbin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 197

Little more than a year has passed since horror novelist Jack Hale married the love of his life. After years of struggling to make ends meet, the couple finally find themselves in the home of their dreams and happier than they have ever been before. All of that changes, however, when a random robbery goes bad, forcing Jack to watch as his wife is gunned down before his eyes.After the funeral, Jack returns to the house, now a place bereft of any happiness and warmth. But while he tries to pick up the pieces of his broken future, Jack discovers he’s now sharing his home with an unstable spirit. And its power is growing.What follows is a terrifying descent into darkness as Jack, believing this unknown entity to be a manifestation of his recently departed wife, enlists the help of Morgan Weaver, a resident psychic and life-long cynic. Together, they attempt to discover the nature of this ...
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5 stars from 2 ratings
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