C M Mitchell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 334

Like every book in the series, this novel can be read without reading any other books in the saga, but all the books are linked to each other.Katie Bennet is the fourth of five sisters, is one of two twins, and is now on the brink of going off into college and witnessing the wedding ceremony of her older sister, Issy, to the formidable Mr. Darcy from Derbyshire, California. Under the influence of her vain and outlandish twin sister, Lauren Bennet, Katie is a reckless girl who only has good intentions to her name, but not always good actions. Yet, on the brink of Issy's wedding, Darcy's best man and favorite cousin, Raymond Fitzwilliam, comes down to Hertfordshire Wyoming for the ceremony. Secretly in love with his cousin's fiancee for the last three years, Raymond Fitzwilliam is a man who's heart was broken for too long. Resolving himself to the fate of a man who missed out on the ...
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