C.J. Wrightwood
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

You Too Can Learn The Secrets of Manifestation, Visualization and The Law of Attraction!-Do you wonder why things “come easy” to some people, and always a struggle for others?-Do you worry about the future more than you should?-Do you want to feel more alive and connected with others?I understand these challenges, and have written this book to help. Life in our 24/7, instant access, technology-driven society can be crazy, but there are known techniques to bring you both more prosperity and peace. You just need to learn them.Get More Out of Life...Right NowUnderstand the secrets behind The Law of AttractionFill in the missing link so visualization works for you goals & desiresRemove limiting beliefs that have held you back, like a stuck parking brake, and break freeBe more at peace and stop worrying about the futureTake the reins to gain more control over your life by downloading ...
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