K.T. Tomb
Publisher: Quests Unlimited Press
Pages: 129

Will Charlie and Ella Colton break up an antiquities smuggling ring on their honeymoon?When newlywed archaeologists Charlie and Ella Colton head for the Cayman Islands, they discover, at a cultural dance performance, what looks like a real Mayan jade necklace from 500 A.D.They start poking around for information about the artifact, and learn that an antiquities thief has been switching out national treasures with forgeries. When a private antiquities collector hires Charlie and Ella to find the real necklace, they take time out of their honeymoon to investigate the growing spate of artifact forgeries connected with the Museum of Ancient Cultures. Unexpected temptation heats up the case’s intrigue when the beautiful, rich prime suspect tries to hire them to smuggle the authentic artifact back to the U.S., to its "rightful owner." The stunning discovery of an unusual Spanish gold coin ...
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