Tyler Chase
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 672

An epic tale of passion, politics and power."This is the stuff of legends and Tyler Chase wields the pen well." -- Goodreads"Very graphic love scenes that will leave you fawning over Comron, keeping you hooked and committed till the final page." - Bethany Williams     --It is high fantasy with lots of political intrigue, the depth of which at times even surpasses the master of the genre, George R. R. Martin. -- Goodreads  "I'm in awe and still feel goosebumps on my skin...always love a good romance story, and Chase takes this novel to a whole new level." - Kristine Pierce--"Chase builds tension like nobody's business...and manages to work in a fantastic love story along with a well-paced, intelligent and action-packed plot." - Amazon.com Reviews"This is a rare novel that had heart pounding battle scenes, to romantic love scenes, to twisted (and I mean twisted) ...
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4.5 stars from 158 ratings
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