Ian Sutherland
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 472

Your private life is streamed live to a global audience. But no one told you about the cameras hidden in your home. And now a killer is watching, learning, planning . . .DI Jenny Price, talented and ambitious police detective, leads the investigation into the murder of a beautiful young cellist. Baffled by the killer’s intimate knowledge of the girl's dreams and desires the case begins to run out of steam.Out of leads, Jenny reluctantly accepts the aid of attractive but mysterious witness Brody Taylor, who has come forward with a bizarre story about webcams hidden in thousands of homes across the country. But Jenny is unaware that the charming Brody is under cover on his own covert operation.An up-to-the-minute crime thriller that exposes the dark side of life online.
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5 stars from 58 ratings
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