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Pretty Jocelyn Stone was in Honolulu, Hawaii with her family as part of a bridal party for a wedding. At an ocean front Bar and Grill a handsome magnetic ladies man and wolf named Brock Jennings had charmed all eleven of them except Jocelyn herself, who had been fighting her amused attraction to him. Her beautiful sister had immediately claimed him for herself, but while everyone had seen the animosity between Jocelyn and the mystery man who exuded charm, Brock Jennings had seen what he wanted to see in pretty blonde haired Jocelyn Stone. A late night walk along the ocean with several of them had Jocelyn tagging along as the unmatched participant, but then the argument had started and Josie never gave up easily.Under the stars on Waikiki Beach to go along with the theme of the dispute, she agreed to be his temporary wife and give him a chance to make his point with her. With coercive ...
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