Clink Roslam
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Pages: 9

A young man's undying love for his older brother is tested under extreme circumstance in this short story fiction. How far would you go for a loved one when that person is in unbearable pain? Is letting go of them considered mercy, or indifference? Danny and Dale had been through a lot together, yet each experienced their similar pasts in different ways. Their single mother was unfit to raise two boys, and naturally one suffered (Dale) while the other (Danny), thrived. This contrast between the two created a yin-yang relationship where the boys became inseparable; spending much of their time escaping the rigors of life in a secluded spot under a small bridge spanning a canal. Here, the brothers would share their emotions and experiences in an idyllic setting. As the boys matured into early adulthood, Dale's troubles led him into drug addiction, and by the time he finished rehab, he ...
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