Frank H Jordan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 313

With a salute to characters like Russell Blakes’s thrilling Jet and Lee Child's tough-as-nails Jack Reacher, THE MODEEN FACTOR, book one in the action-packed thriller series, introduces Josephine Modeen MG, the kick-ass heroine we’d all like to have on our side.Life after the SASR doesn’t sit well with Modeen. Following a distinguished military career – having passed the gruelling entry programme to be the first woman accepted into Australia’s elite Special Forces and earning the Medal for Gallantry in action – she's left wondering what’s next. And for someone with her unique skills, the options are limited.When unexpectedly contacted by her old CO Ben Logan VC MG, now a team leader with Australia’s national security agency, she knows it's not a social call. What she doesn’t know is how it will change her life…. Scroll up and buy to begin the adventure today.
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