Stefan Bolz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 107

There is a world within our own-beneath, below, not visible to our eyes but never far away. We can neither touch nor feel nor smell it. We do not even think it real. Still, it is there. It is the world of the angels. Their world is our world but void of ugliness and fear and death and pain. Its buildings are pristine, its cities glorious, its lawns are still and deep, and its winged inhabitants the most beautiful creatures you can imagine. From this world of beauty and peace, two angels-Amber and her daughter Pearl-do what is forbidden and cross into our world, landing in a dark back alley somewhere in a seedy part of Detroit. They should not be here. They should not have come. For once here, they are bound by the same laws we are. And now the unthinkable happens: before they can return home, Pearl is murdered by a street gang. Amber, for the first time experiencing human emotions, is ...
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