W. W. Harris
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 244

Psychiatrist Case Terhune has everything – looks, money, career, and most importantly Lily, the woman he has loved since childhood. Then he loses her to a killer. He confronts Lily’s murderer and finds the man a puppet dancing to the whims of a darker power. Terhune knows he can’t replace Lily in his heart but he finds solace in his memories and a newly granted gift of faith. He becomes a priest and an exorcist, dedicated to fighting the evil he found in a killer’s eyes. He believes he and Lily will be reunited in the afterlife. But the Devil has darker, more immediate plans for the couple. He has learned how to raise the dead and one of his experiments is Terhune’s dead wife. Temptation and doubt beset Terhune as he struggles to quiet the dead and fight the Devil. A flirtatious heir to a local fortune views Terhune’s celibacy as temporary condition, and he isn’t ...
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