Sylvia Perrini
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 174

DEADLY DAD¨S OF THE U.S ABUSIVE MEN AND FAMILY BREAKDOWNABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. MURDER IN THE FAMILY VOL 2One of the hardest things someone can live through is the loss of a child; after all, children are not supposed to die before their parents do. It goes against the natural order of things. Therefore, it is unimaginable that someone would want to take the life of their own child or children. Unfortunately, this type of heinous act, by parent´s who killed their children, is something that has occurred multiple times over in the history of the United States.In the profiles covered in this book, all of the dad´s had dark secrets haunting them behind closed doors. They had either lost control of their lives, or of those around them, or they were about to. These were toxic men that craved control and they didn’t know what to do without it. So they made the choice to murder. CASES ...
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