Dackeyia Q. Sterling
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 64

WHEN MOM DIES is the perfect book for any and everyone coping with the death of their Mother. The author's Mother passed away, at the tender age of 62 -- while holding her hand. From experience, this daughter learned that pushing past extreme grief and sorrow and finding strength to live seems impossible when your Mother is your best friend. WHEN MOM DIES empathetically shares practical advice and great tips to help heal grieving hearts today!This quick-read title includes chapters on:

• What To Do When Mom Dies?
• 12 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Better
• 31 Ideas to Encourage Your Healing Heart
• Helpful Resources to Consider
• The #1 Way You Can Honor Your Mother’s Life & Legacy"WHEN MOM DIES delivers love, strength and compassion for our hearts -- for years to come." 

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