Arnie Lightning
Publisher: Arnie Lightning Books
Pages: 24

The Lesson of Belief in YourselfThe story of The Tiniest Dragon is about Velcor, a very tiny dragon that is made fun of because of his small size. Even the King laughs at Velcor because he is so tiny. Can this puny dragon prove himself to everyone? Only if he believes in himself...Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can read this book for FREE!This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home!2,000+ wordsExcellent as a bedtime stories for kidsPerfect for early and beginner readersTeaches the lesson of belief in one's selfVibrant pictures and illustrations for younger readersKids and children can practice their reading skills and enjoy important lesson about belief in the tale about the tiniest dragon!Best-Selling Children's Book Author, Arnie LightningArnie Lightning is a best-selling children's book author with a straightforward goal. He wants ...
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