Kathy Wilston
Publisher: Crafts for Everyone Publishing
Pages: 102

Countless Amazing Patterns to Knit Knitting is a wonderful craft to learn, and in this book we’ll explore some easy and intermediate patterns. We’ll also spend a bit of time refreshing your skills, or if you’re a beginner learning basic stitches and techniques. Once you’re finished with this book I hope you’ll be ready to move onto to more challenging and advanced patterns. I feel part of the fun of knitting is creating something with your hands that is unique and one of a kind. So feel free to put your own spin on the patterns which follow. If you don’t like the colors listed, use your own. If you want to change the gauge of a pattern simply move up or down a needle size.Are you going to miss out? Grab this Deal while it's still here!Download your copy today!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of $2.99, Regular Price $8.99! A Discount at Ten ...
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