Sara Furlong-Burr
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 343

Ten years ago, her family was murdered.One year ago, she left her life behind for a chance to avenge their deaths.Twenty-four hours ago, her defiance sealed her fate.With her suspicions mounting and her loyalty to The Epicenter tested, Celaine Stevens makes the decision to fight for a cause she believes in and aligns herself with the rebellion. Joined by Ian Grant, the pair escape from The Epicenter and travel to the Capitol, where they find Marshall Leitner and his followers. While inside the rebellion, Celaine and Ian learn that the rebels are planning a final uprising against President Brooks, one in which they hope will sway the rest of the country’s opinion in their favor. However, loyalties are soon tested. The rebels are finding it hard to trust them, so when a bounty is issued on Celaine and Ian by President Brooks, it may be too good for some of them to resist.As the nation ...
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