Bob Lang
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Pages: 77

At age 40, Bob's life was filled with alcoholic binges and he was near death. Jails, hospitals, psychiatric wards, delirium tremens, and skid row had all become a way of life to him. This book is a response to that time in his life, when he was without answers, knowing that others today are where he used to be.It is only by the intervention of God that Bob gained sobriety in December of 1975 and is alive today to tell his story.In December of 2015, Bob gained 40 years of sobriety.Uncle Bobby's Finally Sober is a moving drama of Bob Lang's failing and frustrating struggle lasting almost 25 years.The source of his victory and peace may surprise you, but more importantly, it can be the solution to your struggles as well.I strongly recommend this powerful little book to every person whose desire it is to be free at last from the debilitating bondage of hopeless despair.Ralph S. ...
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