Camilla Ochlan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 421

“THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER takes the lycanthrope legend to the OPPOSITE of obedience school. The result is a feral genre mix breed that will maul your expectations as if it were a McRib sandwich.” - Goodreads ReviewMysterious werewolf virus hits L.A.Feral Werebeasts rampage through the streets.The city's in chaos.Nobody's safe. Lucy Lowell jumps right in to help the Afflicted. And she has a bizarre knack for making the feral creatures sit and stay.Her sister-in-arms, Xochi Magaña - a fierce drink-slinger with an affinity for shiny, sharp weapons - is desperate to free her Werebeast brother..But before they can do any of that, team Werewolf Whisperer has to first keep Angelenos from clawing each other to bits.Welcome to the werewolf apocalypse. Hope you're locked and loaded. You’ll chew right through this urban fantasy like a hound through a milk bone.Grab your copy today.
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