J. Michael Stewart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 322

Sometimes to live for the future, you have to defeat the past . . . For ten years, Tiffany Colson has struggled to reclaim her life, but it finally seems to be on track for a bright future. She has moved to a small cabin tucked deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. She's surrounded by wilderness and solitude, and her job at a small resort as an outdoor guide has been the best therapy she could have asked for. And she's in love with the man who may just be the one--U.S. Park Ranger Jackson Hart. But there is a part of Tiffany's past that still haunts her. It's a story only a handful of people know. A story she keeps hidden away deep inside her soul. Ten years ago, Tiffany Colson killed a man. At least . . . she thought she did. Now, all her hopes for the future are jeopardized by the ghost of a man she thought was dead and buried. As the tenth anniversary of his death ...
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