Sunita Venchard
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 254

A PAGE-TURNING ADVENTURE WITH TWISTS AND TURNSSheysu is thrust from her peaceful family life onto a dangerous quest to find a cure for her dying twin sister. The illness is strong and threatens to claim Sheysu's life too. Terrified and alone, she travels through unfamiliar kingdoms in search of the elusive, legendary healer, Similia--her only hope of survival. Queen Platina of Mineralia offers her help and assigns her number one, the reluctant Aurum, to accompany her. But can Sheysu trust either of these Mineralians she just met? Their journey pulls them through a maze of emotions and terrifying battles against the deadly tribes of Animalia, who live by a different code. Sheysu uncovers a dark secret from her past, causing her to question everything she has ever known. Will Sheysu find the cure in time? What is the secret from her past and how will it change her future?
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