Ryan Jenkins
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Discover EVEN MORE Stories from World War II, from the Pacific Front, the stories of the Airborne Troops, to Little Known Stories of Soldiers Behind Enemy Lines!***BOX SET! Get these 3 Amazon Best Sellers now for the special promotion price of $5.99! Regularly priced at $10***All too often, when we think of World War II we recall the great battles that raged on throughout the European continent rather than those that went on in the Pacific. While few will forget Pearl Harbour or the dropping of the atomic bombs, there tends to be some confusion as to what exactly went on over there. This book aims to clear up some of that confusion. Learn about Sergeant Major Osborn who made a valiant ultimate sacrifice to protect his men, earning himself the highest military award in the British military, and much much more.In the air, There are few units in the United States military as well known and ...
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