Patty Friedmann
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Pages: 256

"A dazzling novel, capturing that complex mix of lightness and darkness that is New Orleans." -Robert Olen ButlerODDS, ODDNESS, ODDITIES--WHERE ELSE BUT NEW ORLEANS?Darkly comic writer Patty Friedmann once again has spun what could be painful tragedy into a thought-provoking tale of family loss and personal redemption.George and Anna Duffy have a peaceable enough marriage until a swimming pool accident claims the life of one of their six-year-old twin boys. The voice of the survivor, Gregor, is the purest, most innocent since those of Salinger's youngest characters. Adultery and gambling are odds-risking distractions for Gregor's parents. So what are the odds their story will come to a good end? Maybe not so hot, but, since it's Friedmmann, a good ending's a very good bet. Said The New York Times, "The odds are very good indeed.""These are dark subjects, certainly, but Friedmann's ...
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