Misty Griffin
Publisher: Misty Griffin
Pages: 443

#1 BEST SELLER IN CULTS! OVER 75 000 COPIES SOLD*Based on the true story of a severely abused girl who was held captive by her parents until she was almost 19 years old.              When she was a small child Misty's stepfather forced the family to start dressing and living like the Amish. In the following years, Misty and her sister endured a childhood of physical and sexual abuse on an isolated ranch. They were not allowed to go to school or talk without raising their hands. If they did not meet their work quotas throughout the day they were severely beaten.At the age of eighteen, Misty attempted to escape and a few months later she and her sister were taken to an Amish community where they were adopted and became baptized members. For three and a half years Misty lived as a young Amish woman and in accordance with Amish tradition, she was silent about the abuse she ...
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