Misty Griffin
Publisher: Misty Griffin
Pages: 457

After escaping her abusive childhood home, Misty thought she was safe until the bishop of her Amish church starts molesting her. One morning, after a brutal assault, Misty defies church rules and makes a dash for the police station. Based on a true story.When Misty was six years old her family started to live and dress like the Amish. She and her sister are kept as slaves on a mountain ranch where they are subjected to almost complete isolation, sexual abuse, and extreme physical violence. In her late teens, after Misty attempts to escape, her parents take the two teenage sisters to an Amish community where they are adopted and become baptized members. Soon Misty discovers that all is not as it seems in the Amish community, sexual abuse, animal abuse, and other crimes are covered up by the church. Staying separate from the world and obeying the strict dress code is of the highest ...
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