Morris Fenris
Publisher: Changing Culture Publications
Pages: 121

Tragedy. Fear. Forgiveness. Finding true love.A young woman torn between love & fear, trust & doubt and a desire to find true happiness. Will she make the right choice?Jenna Baxter has seen more tragedy in her twenty-three years, than a lot of people see in their lifetime. Her mother died, and her father fell off the wagon. Her well-meaning friends helped her get help from a shelter, but then she got caught up in the system and no one knew what had happened to her. Jenna spent six years, trying to get over being abandoned by everyone she knew and cared for. Making mistake after mistake, she finally found a counselor who helped her see her self-destructive behavior for what it was. Now, her father has passed away, and she is required to return to her hometown to take care of his final estate. Back to the place where those she had once called friends had so callously ignored her once she ...
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