Sally Huss
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 44

An orangutan wishes to have her favorite breakfast – a banana. But it is gone from where she had kept it! Who took her banana? This starts a trek through the rainforest as she inquires of a variety of exotic animals if any of them has taken her banana. From a mamba snake to a tapir, a sloth, a spotted leopard to an elephant, a crocodile to a toucan and a bunch of monkeys, none seems to have taken the banana. All the while she dreams in rhyme of why she loves bananas.Banana, banana, there is nothing like a banana.I could eat one on cereal. I could eat one on toast,But I like to eat a banana plain the most.The mystery is solved when she returns to her nest. Who do you think took her banana? This children’s picture book is part of the wonderful collection of children’s books by Sally Huss.
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