Shakira R. Thompson
Publisher: Believer's Choice Media
Pages: 212

Christian. Fiction. RomanceWhat Do You Do When Life Suddenly Takes You In A Direction You Weren’t Expecting?Do you blame God or do you grab a hold of His hand to navigate you through the storms of life? In the continuation of Shakira R. Thompson’s Psalms 37 series, The Watsons, Montgomerys, and Hartgroves will all find themselves standing between these two options when they return in The Big Bonanza, the sequel to High Noon Justice.In case you are wondering, Carson Eugene Montgomery IV is back and packing with massive punch. The high noon sun is setting but this time the showdowns are larger than life. Life’s surprises can leave you either looking forward to the future or longing for the past. For everyone involved, from Jordan, Mississippi, to Vino, California, we see how the interruptions of life can change you forever. Ultimately, we may never fully understand why some ...
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