Ryota Cahal
Publisher: White Owl Publishing
Pages: 72

Pro tips for your everyday life! Hack your life and make life easier!Ah, human creativity – give us a problem, and we'll figure out thirty solutions to it. Some of them workable, some of them hilariously bad, and some of them that are dumbfounding in their ingenuity.It used to be that tips like these were carefully cultivated over a lifetime and passed down through the generations. It's not hard to imagine a caveman scrawling a couple of tips on a rock wall about how to trip up a saber toothed tiger for posterity. But with the power of the Internet, we're now able to access Grandma and Grandpa-worthy life tips from around the world and across all lifestyles and cultures.We are all better off for it.Want some awesome tips for around the house? They're here. You're going to spend a little less than 10% of your life preparing food, eating and drinking. Are you sure you're doing it ...
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