Morris Fenris
ASIN: B00S3YP280
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Pages: 108

The War Between the States had dragged on far too long, leaving behind a welter of broken bodies and broken men.One of these is James Yancey, Lt. Colonel, CSA. Captured by the Union Army after the Battle of the Wilderness, he was sent to the officers’ prison camp at Johnson’s Island in Sandusky Bay, Ohio. Having been forced to abandon his men is a tribulation that eats at him; that does, in fact, color his whole existence with self-blame. Even after he is released, at war’s end, James is haunted by memories of what he considers his own disgrace.With the South going through Reconstruction, his best option seems to be a move west, to join his two brothers already situated in California. During a brief stop in Charleston, his former home, he locates a girl from childhood plantation days, Emma Palmer, and seeks her hand in marriage.Emma’s parents had died during the war. Having ...
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