Shaun Hupp
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Pages: 69

If you read one book this year about a private detective that sells umbrellas, make sure it’s Valentine Rodgers. – Millie from Millie’s Donut Shop (Now closed and turned into a strip club. If you need to confirm this review, Millie now goes by Candi DDelight.) If I had to choose between hiring Valentine Rodgers and jamming a fork in my hand repeatedly, I’d need to buy more bandages. –Author Shaun Hupp IT’S THE GOVERNMENT! –Hobo that spit in my face His name is Valentine Rodgers. No. It’s not. He’s the world’s greatest detective. Not even close. I make my living selling umbrellas. But I’m a jack of all trades, so what the hell, I’m going to give it a shot. The crime rate in the city of Algood is on the rise (job security) and rent for the former PI’s office was dirt cheap. Episode One: Don’t Get MarriedFrom the 57 cent spiral notebook of Valentine ...
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